Our wine list wants to invite you to a “trip to Sicily”.
The selection we have designed for you wants to highlight the richness, the typicality and the diversity of the whole territory of Etna.
So you will find many wines of our province, many classics of Sicilian viticulture, large and renowned companies and small emerging winemakers, all united by respect for sustainability and by the desire to bring out a different Sicily, territorial and unrepeatable.

Among the white and red wines from all over Sicily, you will certainly find the right wine to match your taste.
Sparkling wines and champagnes can also be ordered.

Red wines

Red wine list of the Restaurant Uliveto

Barbazzale D.O.C. – Cottanera

Etna Rosso D.O.C. – Cottanera

Le sabbie dell’Etna – Firriato

Santagostino Baglio Soria – Firriato

Frappato D.O.C. – Planeta

La segreta, Il rosso – Planeta

Dorilli D.O.C.G. – Planeta

Mamertino D.O.C. – Planeta

Santa Cecilia D.O.C. – Planeta

Mille e una notte – Donnafugata

Petralava Etna D.O.C. – Antichi Vinai

Terre della Baronia D.O.C. – G. Milazzo

Fanus I.G.P. – Gulino

Drus I.G.P. – Gulino

Etna rosso D.O.C. – Patria

Terre Kalai – Torre Favara

Torre Favara

White wines

White wine list of the Restaurant Uliveto

Barbazzale D.O.C. – Cottanera

Fania – Gulino

Pretiosa – Gulino

Neromosso – Antichi Vinai

Maria Costanza – G. Milazzo

Etna bianco D.O.C. – Patria

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